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Why Choose Meditorus?

  • Virtual Clinical Networks :
    • Beyond Telemedicine and Clinics
    • On-board your whole clinical network onto a single platform
      • Community Outreach, Nurses, Family Physicians and Specialists onto a single Virtual Clinical Network
    • The patient just needs to make a missed call to connect to them all

Remote & Rural Patients reach clinicians before complications. Prevent disease progression

Improves consultation efficiency by almost 80%.It codifies specialist knowledge and makes it available to our whole network.

It ensures every interaction, at any level, is as specialists would’ve done it, irrespective of whom the patient interacted with.

The platform matches the patient to the exact skill-set they need,

  1. To a Specialist for complex medical issues,
  2. To a Family Physicians for comprehensive medical advice.
  3. To a Nurse for a general health-query or care,
  4. To a virtual front desk for non-medical info,

Only those queries that need to be answered by specialists are escalated to them. So, while specialists may personally see the most complex 20-30 patients in a day, they can supervise a network catering to 200-300 patients a day.


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